Bendset f. ROBEND 3000/4000, 12mm

With the ROBEND 3000/ 4000 bending sets, plumbers in the plumbing and refrigeration/air conditioning industry can bend copper, stainless steel, carbon steel and multilayer composite pipes up to 180°.

Choosen variant:Bendset f. ROBEND 3000/4000, 12mm
Article number:25612
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  • Fast amortization due to savings in connection points, soldering material and energy
  • Universally applicable: over-, counter-, floor- and connection bends are possible in all levels
  • Dimensionally and pressure stable, bending segment made of high-quality forged aluminum
  • Deformation and crease-free bending thanks to patented ROLUB technology for improved gliding properties of the bending shoe made of high-quality polyamide

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      Bendset f. ROBEND 3000/4000, 12mm


      Bendset f. ROBEND 3000/4000, 14mm


      Bending kit for ROBEND 3000/4000, 15mm


      Bendset f. ROBEND 3000/4000, 16mm/5/8"