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"The Revolutionary Plasticut™ is a simple to use plastic pipe cutter designed for both professional and DIY use for accurate cutting of plastic pipes in both accessable and confined spaces. It is suitable for use on many types of plastic pipe including waste pipes, HEP20, Barrier and PEX Pipe. The Plasticut™ is lightweight and cuts cleaner than a saw and squarer than shears in 1-2 rotations. Replacement cutting blades are available for the full range.
The 1 1/4"" (35mm), 1 1/2"" (42mm) & 2"" (50mm) ""waste pipe"" sizes have 2 spare blades included within every Plasticut™ making 3 blades per unit. Each cutting blade is reversable, meaning 2 cutting edges per blade.
Waste pipes tend to be slightly different in diameter but the 1 1/4"" (35mm), 1 1/2"" (42mm) & 2"" (50mm) Plasticuts™ are designed to cover most of these variations between the different pipe manufacturing brands.

Product profile

  • Simple to use, cuts clean & square.
  • Ideal for confined spaces.
  • Safer than saws or shears.
  • Replacement cutting blades available.
  • Made in Britain
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