ROKLIMA Multi 4F, 80bar

The ROTHENBERGER ROKLIMA Multi 4F is used for the fully automatic operation and maintenance of air conditioners and heat pumps. The comprehensive range of accessories allows to work with different refrigerants. Evacuation time and filling quantities can be easily set, various sensors start and stop the processes accordingly. For the extraction process, a suction unit can be connected to the device. When the desired bottle weight is reached, the power supply to the suction unit is interrupted.


Product profile

  • Pressure resistance up to 80 bars guarantees full use for heat pumps
  • With a built-in vacuum pump and scale
  • Simple menu guidance facilitates proper use
  • Fully automatic operation creates time for parallel work
  • For executing the 4 functions evacuation, filling, leakage test, as well as control of the recovery process
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More Information
Weighing working range (from) 0KG
Pressure working range (up to) 80BAR
Pressure working range (from) 0BAR
Weighing working range (up to) 99,99KG
Customs tariff number 84798997
Product width 27CM
Product weight 20,22KG
Product height 38,8CM
Product length 38,7CM
Voltage (up to) 240V
Voltage (from) 220V
Pump delivery (up to) 42LMIN
Pump delivery (from) 0LMIN
Currency order unit 1
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Dangerous goods indicator Material is not a hazardous good
Country of origin ES

Fully automatic refrigeration/air conditioning maintenance unit for installation and maintenance of air conditioners and heat pumps.

Anschrift ROKLIMA Multi 4F, 80bar
Length in cm 28.00CM
Net weight 17.00KG
Gross weight 24.00KG
Height in cm 41.00CM
EAN/UPC 4004625371329
Width in cm 40.00CM
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