Pipe freezing system ROFROST® Turbo 1.1/4"

With the ROFROST Turbo 1.1/4" freezer you can carry out maintenance, repair and extension work on existing sanitary and heating installations. Through the convenient fastening of the freezer clamps, it is easy to work in confined spaces. The integrated thermometer on the freezer clamps allows you to check at any time whether the pipe is completely frozen.

Product profile

  • Safe freezing: Thermometer on the freeze clamps indicate, when the pipe is completely frozen
  • Reduction inserts in various sizes for all common pipe diameters
  • Working overhead and in confined spaces is no problem thanks to the flexible hoses and the simple clamping system
  • The use of heat conductive paste guarantees optimal freezing results. This prevents air pockets between the freezing clamps and pipe. The pipe does not need to be sprayed with water
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