Pipe freezer kit ROFROST RAPID

The Patented ROFROST® RAPID is an extremely fast, effective and economic pipe freezing solution. Using Rothenberger Quick Freeze spray it can achieve temperatures as low as -30°C on evaporation to create an isolating ice plug within the pipe. The ROFROST® Rapid is able to freeze a 15mm pipe in 3 minutes, 22mm pipe in 5 minutes and ½” steel pipe in 3 minutes using minimal freezing gas. If used correctly you can get up to 5 freezes per 500g can. Contact foam segments last for multiple uses and are supplied in perforated sheets. Patent protected freeze clamps are completely re-usable and should last a lifetime. Pipe freezing saves time in draining down and excessive venting of systems.Suitable for: Old UK & Ireland 1/2" (14.8mm), 15mm, 16mm Old UK & Ireland 3/4" (21mm), 22mm and 1/2" steel pipe.

Product profile

  • Extremely fast and effective pipe freezing.
  • Supplied with: 2 x 15mm clamps which can accommodate 14mm to 16.25mm pipe & 2 x 22mm clamps which can accommodate 21mm to 22.25mm pipe.
  • Can create an ice plug using minimal freeze spray. Up to 5 freezes per 500g can of Quick Freeze Spray!
  • Clamps are extremely fast to fit, remove and can be fitted to a clipped pipe.
  • Made in Britain.
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