Oxy Kaynak Makinesi ROXY Kit Plus

The ROTHENBERGER ROXY Kit Plus is a complete autogenous brazing and small welding unit. Additionally included in the scope of delivery are micro nozzles for precision brazing work.

Product profile

  • High flame temperatures up to 3,100 °C for ambitious brazing work and many other applications
  • Powerful, focused flame for precise work
  • Included safety devices reliably prevent flame flashbacks
  • Maximum mobility thanks to compact and very light design
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Barbaros Bulvarı No:9
TR- 34775 Şerifali / Ümraniye İstanbul

Email: rothenberger@rothenberger.com.tr

Telefon: + 90 (0) 216 / 449 24 85
Telefax: + 90 (0) 216 / 449 24 87

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