The ROTHENBERGER 2-way manifolds are used for the commissioning and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems as well as heat pumps.The high-quality design with shock-absorbing rubber coating ensures a long service life.

Choosen variant:Yükleyici yardımı, 2 yönlü, R22-R407C
Article number:170501
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  •     80 mm large pressure gauge with shock-absorbing rubber coating
  •     Valve body made of high quality aluminum with sight glass
  •     Large dimensioned handwheels with color coding to prevent confusion
  • Yükleyici yardımı, 2 yönlü, R22-R407C

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      Yükleyici yardımı, 2 yönlü, R22-R407C


      Yükleyici yardımı, 2 yönlü, R22-R407C

      Montaj yardımı seti 2 yönlü standart, R22-R407C


      Yükleyici Yardım Seti 2 Yönlü Standart, R410A


      Yükleyici yardımı, 2 yönlü, R410A-R32