With the INOX-PROFI PLUS cut-off wheel, you can cut thin sheet metal, steel cables, thin-walled profiles and pipes made of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, composite materials (GRP) and high-temperature materials in conjunction with a suitable angle grinder. Due to the thin design of the disc (1 mm), a clean cut is possible with little effort.

Choosen variant:INOX PROFI Plus,125x1,Doz (içerik 10adet))
Article number:071534D
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  • Very thin (1 mm): Allows a clean cut with minimal effort in short time Best results: Milimetre accurate use, vibration-free operation, no thermal blue discoloration and no burr formation

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      INOX PROFI Plus,125x1,Doz (içerik 10adet))


      INOX PROFI Plus,115x1,Doz (içerik 10adet))