ROTHENBERGER MAPP gas is a special gas for the highest demands for brazing and soldering work in any position, even overhead (360°). It offers excellent heat transfer (faster than propane), even in winter below 0° C.

In combination with pure oxygen, as with the ROTHENBERGER Allgas Mobile Pro, it can also be used for smaller welding and flame cutting jobs.

Choosen variant:MAPP Gaz, 1"-ABD, EN 12205
Article number:35698
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  • Extreme flame temperatures up to 2,700 °C for highest firing rates and short processing times
  • Excellent heat transfer, faster than propane, even in winter below 0° C
  • Provides high flame performance in any position, even overhead (360°)

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      MAPP Gaz, 1"-ABD, EN 12205


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