For installers, janitors and pipe cleaner the ROSPI H + E Plus is ideally suited for removing blockages in connecting cables of sink, showers and bathtubs in a comfortable way.

Vybraný variant:ROSPI 10 H+E so sadou nástrojov - Set
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  • Switch from manual to electrical use within seconds Secure hold in the electrical mode even at higher speeds Impact-resistant and dirt protected Hexagonal bolt for clamping in drilling chuck

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      ROSPI 10 H+E so sadou nástrojov - Set


      ROSPI 8 H + E Plus


      ROSPI H+E PLUS 8/7,5

      ROSPI 6 H + E Plus


      ROSPI H+E PLUS 6/4,5

      ROSPI 10 H + E Plus


      ROSPI H+E PLUS 10/10