For HVAC companies, janitors or drain cleaners for removing blockages in connecting cables up to 50 mm diameter.

Vybraný variant:Špirála 8mm x 7,5 m s hlavou a dušou klubu
Objednávkové číslo:72413
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  • Heavy duty spirals made of special steel (DIN EN 10270-1). Integrated bulb-auger without ridgid coupling Easy to work with even in narrow pipe bends
  • Spirale Standard, 22mmx4,5mm


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Špirála 8mm x 7,5 m s hlavou a dušou klubu


Spirale Standard, 22mmx4,5mm


Špirála 8mm x 7,5 m s náradím a dušou


Spirale, 8mm mit Kupplung und Seele

Spiral, 8 mm x 7,5m with bulb auger head


Keulenkopfspirale 8mm X 7,5m