REZAČ RÚR 35, DURAMAG, 6-dielny displej

With the TUBE CUTTER 35 you can effortlessly cut copper, brass, aluminum and thin-walled steel pipes with Ø 6-35 mm in order to prepare a pipe connection. The retractable internal pipe deburrer and spare cutter wheel in handle allow for continuous operation. The display is perfectly suited for presenting the tube cutter at the counter.

Vybraný variant:REZAČ RÚR 35, DURAMAG, 6-dielny displej
Objednávkové číslo:070027DB
  • Material saving: cuts near to flares Ready for use: Spare cutter wheel in handle Easy turning of the knob: Quickly adjust the working area Two tools combined in one: Tube cutter contains retractable internal deburrer Lightweight and robust at the same time due to its magnesium body
  • TUBE CUTTER 35, DURAMAG, Display, 6St.