MAPP gas cartridge

Rothenberger MAP/Pro™ (Propylene) was introduced as a hotter option to Propane, providing a hotter flame ideal for brazing and silver soldering pipework. A flame temperature of up to 2300°C gives the optimum burning performance and shorter working times. This allows the user to carry out hotter working tasks without the need for an oxy-fuel or oxyacetylene 2 bottle set up. This makes MAP/Pro™ ideal for HVAC and Refrigeration engineers and gives added mobility and working range with the advantage of being compatable with the popular Rothenberger 1" torch range, such as the SuperFire 2™ & QuickFire™, Rofire Global, Trigger Torch and Swivel Pro Torch. The high quality and purity of the MAP/Pro™ also encourages a longer life of the torch it is being used with, whereas some gasses which may contain contaminants can damage your torch. *Cylinders can be vented after use with vent key (No.35537) then disposed of as scrap steel.

Product profile

  • Increased flame temperature of 2300°C.
  • Suitable for a wide range of soldering and brazing tasks.
  • Ideal for silver solder brazing of refrigeration pipework.
  • All cylinders are non-refillable, batch coded for traceability and compliant with EN 12205.
  • Cylinders can be vented after use with vent key (No.35537) then disposed of as scrap steel.
  • Made in USA
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