The ROSCOPE i2000 basic unit combines cutting-edge camera technology with precise location technology and provides a comprehensive service package for the inspection of pipes and cavities. The image and video material will directly be transferred onto your mobile device via WiFi. The professional installer can inspect and analyze the problem quickly, easily and professionally,

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  • User-friendly touchscreen and easy menu navigation Simple data transfer for further processing Voice recording and playback without additional accessories possible USB charging function
  • ROSCOPE i2000 25/16 Modul

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Modul ROSCOPE 25/16


ROSCOPE i2000 25/16 Modul

Inšpekčná kamera ROSCOPE i2000 Modul 25/16 + TEC


ROSCOPE i2000 Basiseinheit

Modul 25/16

Modul TEC


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