Zvárací stroj ohrievača ROFUSE TURBO 400

The universal electro-fusion welding machine ROFUSE TURBO is ideally suited for the use on construction sites. Thanks to the active-cooling technology, the device is optimally equipped for continuous use. The integrated heat control provides the necessary safety in the welding process. It guarantees that the next socket can be welded with guaranteed process reliability.

Vybraný variant:Zvárací stroj ohrievača ROFUSE TURBO 400
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  • Safety: The Heat-Control (HC) function uses ambient temperature, device temperature and sleeve to be welded to determine whether the next sleeve can be completely welded.
  • Powerful: The device is ideally suitable for continuous use thanks to Active-Cooling (AC) function.
  • Fully equipped: All cables are safely stowed inside the robust housing.
  • Professional documentation: Transfer (USB) of the stored weldings, archiving and printing on the computer with "RODATA 2.0".
  • Barcode Generator: "RODATA 2.0" creates bar codes for construction projects and names of the welder.

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Zvárací stroj ohrievača ROFUSE TURBO 400


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