Parallel vice, jaw width 140mm

The parallel vice is ideally suited for clamping pipes of all types with Ø 3/8"-2". Due to the constant parallelism of the clamping jaws, the pipes lie flush, which results in slip resistance and a balanced distribution of the clamping pressure.

Choosen variant:Parallel vice, jaw width 140mm
Article number:070735X
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  • Forged and hardened pipe jaws, steel forged underneath the parallel vice jaws: tough and durable Anvil base: For levelling and compressing Re-adjustable double-sided guide Protected trapezoidal thread spindle
  • Parallelschraubstock, 27-70mm (3/4-2")

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Parallel vice, jaw width 140mm


Parallelschraubstock, 27-70mm (3/4-2")

Parallel vice, jaw width 120mm


Parallelschraubstock, Backenbreite 120mm