The Rothenberger ROAIRVAC 6.0 is suited for the evacuation of all refrigeration circuits according to DIN 8975. The two-stage rotary vane pump achieves a vacuum of less than 25 micron. This makes them ideal for all refrigeration plant engineers and technicians.

Choosen variant:2-stage vacuum pump ROAIRVAC 6.0
Article number:170063
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  • Solenoid check valve to protect the refrigeration circuit from oil contamination in case of a power interruption Vacuum gauge with integrated drag indicator allows quick and easy control of the evacuation process Protection of the integrated components thanks to light and high-quality housing Gas ballast valve for reducing the water vapour in the oil tank Special filter reduces oil mist at the exhaust vent Easy to read oil level through sight glass Easily accessible oil drain plug for quick emptying Thermal switch protects the unit from overheating of the motor Standard 1/4" SAE connection, as well as 5/16" SAE and 3/8" SAE adaptor included Detachable cable prevents cable damage
  • ROAIRVAC 6.0, two-stage rotary vane pump,230V, 170 l/min, 375W

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2-stage vacuum pump ROAIRVAC 6.0


ROAIRVAC 6.0, two-stage rotary vane pump,230V, 170 l/min, 375W

2-stage vacuum pump ROAIRVAC R32 6.0


ROAIRVAC R32 6.0, two-stage rotary vane pump 230V, 170 l/min

2-stage vacuum pump ROAIRVAC 3.0


ROAIRVAC 3.0, two-stage rotary vane pump,230V,

2-stage vacuum pump ROAIRVAC 1.5