Air-conditioning & refrigeration

  • Leak detecting for ACR

    In leak detection, installers not only detect the leak but also the leakage rate. If a leak is found it is important to deal with this quickly and correctly.
  • Refrigeration circuit control

    Analogue Manifold Gauges provide Engineers with critical information regarding pressures and temperatures within the refrigeration system, allowing the engineer to ensure correct operation or identify any problems.
  • Vacuum pumps

    All ROTHENBERGER Vacuum Pumps are 2 Stage , with integral Vacuum Gauge and solenoid shut off valve in case of power outage. A final Vacumm of 25 microns can be achieved in ideal conditions.
  • Recovery units

    ROTHENBERGER Refrigerant Recovery Units allow the HVAC and refrigeration engineer to effciently and safely remove refrigerant form systems. Recovery Units are avaIlable for use with Class A1,A2 and now A2L  refrigerants such as R32, with the New ROREC Pro Digital version.
  • Complete solutions

    Insbesondere für SHK-Installateure, die regelmäßig Installationen häuslicher Kälte-Klimaanlagen vornehmen, eigenen sich die Komplettlösungen von ROTHENBERGER. Darin ist ein Großteil der Werkzeuge enthalten, die für Einbau, Inbetriebnahme, Wartung und Entsorgung von Klimaanlagen und Wärmepumpen nötig sind.

  • Hoses

    High Pressure Refrigerant Hoses. Composite material construcion. Approved for use with working pressures up to 60 bar, burst pressure 300 bar. Hose connections have Nylon seals for increrased durability  and safety.  Standard hoses are available or with ball valves  fitted.
  • Scales

    Accurately measuring the weight of refrigerants is crtical to the Engineer when recovering refrifgerant from a system, or charging a system , to avoid system over filling or Recovery cylinder overfilling.
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