With the Standard pressure hose sets, the refrigeration system technician and air conditioning installer can also work safely with high-pressure refrigerants. The color coding used prevents confusion. Leakages are prevented by Teflon seals.

Choosen variant:Pressure hoseset hrs, 1/4" SAE, 1.5m
Article number:1500000024
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  • No confusion and safe working due to color coding (blue, red, yellow)
  • Teflon seal with up to 10 times longer service life than neoprene seals
  • Working pressure 60 bar / best pressure 300 bar. This corresponds to 8% higher pressure resistance than previous models
  • Druckschläuche-Set, Standard, 1/4" SAE

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Pressure hoseset hrs, 1/4" SAE, 1.5m


Druckschläuche-Set, Standard, 1/4" SAE

3-shot pressure loop Set,Standard 5/16", 1.5m


3er Druckschläuche Set, Standard 5/16", 1,5m