ROTHENBERGER press jaws with proven material and manufacturing quality are suited for system dependant pressing of metal and plastic fittings. The DURA LAZR TEC treatment and a partial laser hardening allow safe and precise pressings while simultaneously increasing the jaw's service life. The result is minimum wear and 100% more press cycles compared to its predecessor. Furthermore a special long-term corrosion protection helps increasing the jaw's service life. Thanks to the use of a highly resilient special steel the press jaws are suitable for all press machines with an axial thrust of 19 kN.

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  • DURA LAZR TEC treatment - partial laser hardening allows highest hardness on high impact spots. This leads to minimal wear and a high contour accuracy In combination with the forged, highly resilient and flexible special steel the new generation of press jaws achieve a 100% longer service life in comparison to their predecessor The 3-bolt synchronized mechanism makes it possible to open the press jaw with only one finger Precision-manufactured contours for optimum and reliable pressings
  • Pressing jaws, compact, TH18

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    Press jaw Compact, TH18


    Pressing jaws, compact, TH18

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    Pressing jaws, compact, TH14