Nitrogen set for refrigeration circuits for Germany

With the ROTHENBERGER Nitrogen Set, a variety of applications are open to the refrigeration/air conditioning installer. A safe spring-loaded pressure reducing valve, together with a fine-scaled manometer, helps in the correct setting for leak testing, circuit rinsing and nitrogen build-up during soldering.

Choosen variant:Nitrogen set for refrigeration circuits for Germany
Article number:1000003865
  • Fine scaled 1.0 gauge – precise reading of the testing pressure Spring loaded pressure reducing valve - simple and safe handling Connection for large bottles - easy connection for bottles of all sizes possible 950 cm³ nitrogen bottle included - complete set
  • Druckminderer Stickstoff

    Stickstoff-Flasche 1kg, 950cm3, 110bar

    Feinskaliertes Manometer


    Adapter für 1L Flasche

    Adapter 1/4" SAE M auf 5/16" SAE F mit Ventildrücker