Use this cutting wheel in connection with the TUBE CUTTER 35 for cutting copper, brass, aluminium and thin-walled steel pipes with Ø 6-35.

Choosen variant:Cutting wheel Cu-Al-Fe
Article number:716000516
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  • High-alloy, hardened steel: tough and durable Quick and easy: Change the cutting wheel with a screwdriver Special cutting wheel geometry: reduced burr formation
  • Ersatzschneidrad, für Cu, Al, Fe, INOX

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Cutting wheel Cu-Al-Fe


Ersatzschneidrad, für Cu, Al, Fe, INOX

Cutting wheel for TUBE CUTTER 35, Cu-MS-Al-FE, 5 pieces


5x replacement cutting wheel for Tube Cutter TC 35, 3-35mm

Cutting wheel for TC 30, Inox, 5 pcs.


Ersatzschneidrad, Für TUBE CUTTER 30, INOX, 5 Stück