Bending segment f. TB, 5mm/3/16"

With the ROTHENBERGER bending segment for the TUBE BENDER, plumbers from the plumbing/heating and refrigeration/air conditioning trades can bend tubes made of soft materials such as copper, aluminum and precision steel up to 90°.

Choosen variant:Bending segment f. TB, 5mm/3/16"
Article number:24001
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  • Stable bending segment for clean bending results and long service life
  • Diameter stamped into the bending segment
  • Suitable for TUBE BENDER
  • Can be used on both sides
  • TB Former 5mm

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    Bending segment f. TB, 5mm/3/16"


    TB Former 5mm

    Bending segment f. TB, 3/8"


    TB Former 3/8"

    Bending segment f. TB, 12mm


    Bending segment for TUBE BENDER, one-handed bending tool, 12mm

    Bending segment f. TB, 1/2"


    TB Former 1/2"