›B‹ MaxiPro Standard Press rings Set 1/4 –1.1/8"

The ROTHENBERGER press rings in proven material and manufacturing quality are suitable for system-compliant pressing of fittings of the >B< MaxiPro system. The >B< MaxiPro® system, for which our press jaw was developed, is an innovative pressing system from CONEX BÄNNINGER® for the refrigeration sector. With the application of a special hardening process, DURA LAZR TEC technology, and partial laser hardening, precise and safe pressing is made possible with increased durability at the same time. The result is minimized wear and 100% more pressing cycles compared to the previous model. Furthermore, long-term corrosion protection supports the longevity of the press jaws. With the use of a heavy-duty special steel, the press rings are suitable for all press machines with an axial thrust of 19 kN or 32 kN.

>B< MaxiPro® and CONEX BÄNNINGER® are registered trademarks of Conex IPR Limited.

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Product profile

  •     Locking position for one-handed positioning of the press ring on the fitting

    180° swivel allows freely adjustable position of the pressing machine
    Compatibility with Compact and Standard intermediate jaws
    DURA LAZR TEC for 40% greater hardness and 100% more pressing cycles
    Flame-free joint: No more open flame processing required
    Secure sealing: Reliable and permanent connection due to 3-point compression
    Fast, simple and cost-effective installation


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More Information
Anschrift ›B‹ MaxiPro Standard Press rings Set 1/4 –1.1/8"
EAN/GTIN 4004625541432
Customs tariff number 82073010
Product hierarchy 170100020002001600
Gross weight 6,25
Net weight with unit of measure 5,25 kg
Gross weight with unit of measure 6,25 kg
Length x Width x Height with Unit of Measure 393,00 X 195,00 X 152,00 mm
Text Dangerous Goods Indicator Material is not a dangerous commodity
Category 17
Product Molding technique, Bonded pipe processin
Material group Discount group 2
Working area diameter inches 1/4 - 1.1/8 Zoll
Press jaw system Press jaw Standard
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