Alu water scale, 400mm, 6-stroke dragonfly

With the Standard Spirit levels, you can align objects exactly horizontally and vertically. With a normal position of 0.029° = 0.5mm/m, it offers above-average measuring accuracy. Furthermore, the printed centimetre scale, which is centred in the middle, helps you to work accurately.

Choosen variant:Alu water scale, 400mm, 6-stroke dragonfly
Article number:255040
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  •     Distortion-free aluminium rectangular profile: For special measuring reliability     Printed centimetre scale centred in the middle: Facilitates accurate measuring     Shock-resistant and weatherproof: Suitable for work on building sites     6-dash horizontal and vertical level, unbreakable, cast in base body     Very high measuring accuracy: In normal position 0.029° = 0.5mm/m

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      Alu water scale, 400mm, 6-stroke dragonfly


      Alu water scale, 600mm, 6-stroke dragonfly


      Alu water scale 600 mm, with magnets


      Alu water scale 1000 mm, with magnets