Pipeslice copper pipe., (88808E)19mm( 3/4 ")

With the ROSLICE copper pipe cutter you can cut copper pipes in the range of Ø 12, 15, 18 & 22 mm quickly and effortlessly to prepare pipe connections.

Choosen variant:Pipeslice copper pipe., (88808E)19mm( 3/4 ")
Article number:1500001573
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  • Time saving: Quick cutting with just a few turns Self-clamping and self-alignment: No deformation of the pipe Small form factor: Small working area of 25-35 mm is ideal for hard to reach places Non-slip surface: for a secure grip

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        Pipeslice copper pipe., (88808E)19mm( 3/4 ")


        ROSLICE 15mm


        ROSLICE 18mm


        ROSLICE 22mm