Tool Set Apprentice, 50 pcs. and ROBUCKET

The ROTHENBERGER tool box offers the ideal basic equipment for craftsmen.

Choosen variant:Tool Set Apprentice, 50 pcs. and ROBUCKET
Article number:1000002841
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  • Diverse: Extensive and practical tool kit Portable: Practical and robust carrying case made of galvanized steel

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Tool Set Apprentice, 50 pcs. and ROBUCKET


94-piece hand tool set with MINICUT and MINI MAX, ROCASE


103-piece hand tool set with corner tube pliers, ROCASE


Trainee set, 50-piece


Assembly tool box, red, 5 pcs, 530mm Ratchet wrench, open, ROCLICK, 19mm Stand tap nut driver, SW 10-32mm Screw punch, 32mm Aluminum spirit level, 400mm, 6-line vial Mallet with hickory handle, 1250g Bricklayer's chisel, 8-edged, flat, 300x16 Metal saw bow, 300mm, without saw blade Hand saw blade BI-METALL HSSE 4Plus,300mm Locksmith's hammer w. hickory handle, 300g UNIGRAT with HSS deburring blade Uni step wrench set w.ratchet,3/8-1" Hexagon socket set, hinged, 7 pcs, 2.5-10mm Uni small saw PUK, fixed, 290m Saw blade for PUK saw, metal,150mm/32Zp TUBE CUTTER 35, 6-35mm, DURAMAG Carpenter's pencil, oval, 240mm Wooden folding rule, 2m Screwdriver set EUROLINE,2xPH,4xslotted MINICUT I Pro, 3-16mm Corner pipe wrench, 45°, Super S, 1" Corner pipe wrench, 45°, Super S, 1.1/2" ROGRIP F 10" 1K Sanitary cross wrench, 3/8-1" Professional universal knife