Manómetros para ar condicionado

  • Manifolds

    • Manifold set 4-way II Plus

      Manifold set 4-way II Plus

      0,00 US$
      • 4-way manifold and matching tubes in a set
      • Large gauge with a diameter of 80 mm
      • Hose with shut-off valve
      • In a sturdy plastic case
      • Accuracy class 1.6
      • Pressure gauge with protective rubber casing
      • The bending formers are easily replaceable due to the plug mechanism
    • Digital manifold ROCOOL 600

      Digital manifold ROCOOL 600

      0,00 US$
      • Modular system: base unit can be upgraded with Red Box incl. Data Viewer software for reading out or recording data on a computer, as well as additional, external Pirani vacuum probe
      • Over 80 refrigerants incl. R32 and R744 (sub-critical) are configured in the device. New refrigerants can be added later by using the update function
      • Simultaneous calculation of overheating and subcooling
      • Documentation software Data Viewer generates automatic reports based on recorded data. Ideal for handing over to the customer
      • External Pirani vacuum probe allows the vacuum to be read where the most accurate measurement is possible: directly on the refrigeration circuit

Os manómetros analógicos fornecem aos instaladores informações uteis, tais como, a pressão e temperatura dentro do sistema de refrigeração, permitindo ao instalador garantir a operação correta ou identificar potenciais problemas.

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