Power flusher ROCAL PRO 2

If not properly inhibited, central heating systems fall foul to electrolytic corrosion, scale and oxidation which gathers inside the wet system. This affects heat output, flow rate, efficiency and ultimately can lead to pinhole perforations in radiators, blockages in pipes and damage to your boiler. The Rothenberger ROCAL Pro2 Power Flusher is a very practical and easily transportable flushing solution. With ultra high flow rate, instant flow reverse and the ability to flush up to 40 radiators over three storeys. This power flusher can flush out and clean a central heating system to a very high standard which will make existing systems more efficient and meet the criteria to guarantee warranties prior to a boiler replacement. All the fixtures and fittings and all the necissary cleaning and inhibiting chemicals required for the most thorough job are supplied with every machine .

Product profile

  • Up to 40 radiators, over three storeys.
  • 75°C working temperature.
  • 57 Litre capacity tank.
  • Ultra high flow rate with instant flow reverser.
  • Transporter wheels with handy towing handle.
  • Supplied with: PH testing kit, inhibitor, cleaning chemicals
  • Hose set comprises: 5m flow hose, 5m return hose, 8m fill hose, 8m dump hose and 8m overflow hose.
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