ROTHENBERGER Group companies

Supervisory Board of ROTHENBERGER AG

From left to right: Meinert Hahnemann, Martin Bertinchamp, Dr. Christoph Weiß (Vice-Chairman), Dr. Sabine Rothenberger, Dr. Helmut Rothenberger (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Dr. Sandra Rothenberger

Executive Board of ROTHENBERGER AG

Christian Diehl – CFO

Dr. Christian Heine – CEO

ROTHENBERGER is the core business of the group, with core satellite brands being: ROTHENBERGER Industrial, ROTHENBERGER Plastic Technologies, SUPER-EGO, VIRAX and WUXI Shengda. These complement the group in the pipe tool technologies sector. ROTHENBERGER Plastic Technologies was launched in August 2016, WUXI Shengda became a core satellite in January 2016, and we also have affiliated satellite companies including: KROLL, RICO, RUKO and SIEVERT.

ROTHENBERGER also helps to create access to essential resources for people around the world. The Dr. Helmut Rothenberger - Tools for Life Foundation provides fundamentals such as water, energy and education. Subsequently, helping people to  build a bright future for themselves. TOOLS FOR LIFE encourages and supports people, and challenges them to take control of their lives. 


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