ROTHENBERGER Group companies

Supervisory Board of ROTHENBERGER AG

From left to right: Meinert Hahnemann, Martin Bertinchamp, Dr. Christoph Weiß (Stellvertretender Vorsitzender), Dr. Helmut Rothenberger (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Dr. Sabine Rothenberger, Dr. Sandra Rothenberger

Executive Board of ROTHENBERGER AG

Dr. Christian Heine – CEO

Philipp Kannengießer – COO/CFO

ROTHENBERGER is the core business of the group, with core satellite brands being: ROTHENBERGER Industrial, ROTHENBERGER Plastic Technologies, SUPER-EGO, VIRAX and WUXI Shengda. These complement the group in the pipe tool technologies sector. ROTHENBERGER Plastic Technologies was launched in August 2016, WUXI Shengda became a core satellite in January 2016, and we also have affiliated satellite companies including: KROLL, RICO, RUKO and SIEVERT.

ROTHENBERGER also helps to create access to essential resources for people around the world. The Dr. Helmut Rothenberger - Tools for Life Foundation provides fundamentals such as water, energy and education. Subsequently, helping people to  build a bright future for themselves. TOOLS FOR LIFE encourages and supports people, and challenges them to take control of their lives. 


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