System Solutions

ROTHENBERGER system solutions - tools to increase installer efficiency.

A large part of everyday working life is taken up by work preparation and snagging.

ROTHENBERGER offers installers a range of solutions, which help to achieve maximum efficiency.

Helpful in everyday life


Our products are equipped with cutting edge technology, compatible with most smart devices. This allows installers to easily find and transfer data, images and information directly from machine to devices - and in turn, allow work to be sent quickly and easily to work colleagues and customers alike. Our apps aim to make the installers job simpler!

Device management


ZVTOOL allows you to always keep track of your valuable tools and machinery. Using your smartphone (via NFC or via the web interface), you can easily keep track of the location, borrower and availability of the tool or machine. Overall, allowing you to plan and schedule jobs in a more effective and simple way - ensuring you're never without the tools you need on the job.

One battery! Multiple devices!

Battery platform

Our battery-operated power tools all offer the same platform. This means you can simply use the same battery across all products from the RO BP 18V family - such as ROMAX® 4000, ROMAX® Compact TT, ROCAM®4 Plus and the new ROTHENBERGER Power Tools range.
All our new high performance 18V batteries feature a power indicator and are fast charging with air cooled charging technology.



The perfect solution for storing and safely transporting tools! Travel easy and never forget another tool with the ROCASE storage system!


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