ROTHENBERGER CAS Influencer Day 2021

Rolling out the red carpet for celebrities at ROTHENBERGER

On 20 and 21 October 2021, the first Influencer Days took place at ROTHENBERGER. The topic of the two action-packed days, which were organized in cooperation with Metabo, was the cross-manufacturer battery alliance Corporate Alliance System (CAS).

More than fifty influencers accepted the invitation and traveled from all over Europe to the headquarters in Kelkheim. The first day was held in English for the international guests, the second was dedicated to influencers from all over Germany. After an exclusive factory tour, the participants were able to playfully try out CAS battery tools and machines at various stations and take part in challenges. How did they experience the day and what is important to them? That and more we have asked them in our personal interviews.

Nample - in close exchange with the whole world

Every SHK craftsman who hangs out on Instagram knows Bruno Friedmann and his channel Nample. He is a real star in the scene, as he has over 125,000 followers and regularly receives thousands of messages from all over the world. But for all his fame, he is still a proper craftsman who does his work every day. It's hard to believe how he manages his popular channel on the side. In our interview, he reveals how it all came about and what drives him.

How did your career as an influencer come about and when did it start?

In 2012, I founded the Instagram account Nample. But I only started the account to save photos of heating systems, for documentation. That's why I didn't think much about the name. It was all without a hashtag, too. Then in 2013 and 2014, the Americans took notice of me. That' s why a year later I started to learn English for real, because in school I only had French. Then in 2016 I was in England for the first time through Instagram, and in 2019 in the USA.

But you do have the support of a team, or how do you manage to always be up to date?

No, I do all that myself. After almost ten years, I just have a certain routine. It's quick, but I don't do any bling-bling, except for the music. But that's not a problem either. 

Who are your followers?

The majority are from the plumbing and heating sector, i.e. plumbers, but also tool enthusiasts in general. There are also a lot of garage and dealership mechanics, from all over the world.

What is it like to be in exchange with the whole world?

A month ago I had a reel with a Lanz Bulldog, from the 50s, I uploaded that and then I got photos from Chile and Paraguay. That was awesome. But the thing is, 70 years ago, the Lanz Bulldog was exported there from Mannheim. Some of them are still running in Chile today. So it's not just us restoring old tractors, it's also being done in Chile. I think that's fascinating.

What messages do you think about for a longer time?

I experienced something very moving with a follower from India. She wrote me that she was visiting her father and that her father used to work in Dubai, as a plumber. He is very sick, and to cheer him up, she showed him my posts. That's when he really livened up, because it made him so happy. Those are the moments I realize that what I'm doing is worthwhile.

What is important for you when it comes to your social media activities?

Wherever someone comes from, I've never forgotten to reply to them. So if someone writes to me, whether it's in Korean or English or German, everyone gets a response. It's not just about the tool for me, it's also about social media itself, about the exchange with the whole world.

How did you like the CAS Influencer Day?

For me it was two days, because I was also there on the international day. The exchange among each other was simply amazing. On the first evening, I sat together with colleagues from Italy, Sweden, Spain, England and Scotland until half past two in the evening and we exchanged ideas and stories. A colleague from ROTHENBERGER was also there. So it was a great experience all round, I am very satisfied. Also that Dr. Rothenberger was always there and you could talk to her. That was something special.

What is your favorite ROTHENBERGER product?

I have a particular love for the pipe wrenches. They are made in Spain, but I only found that out here. It's true that as someone on the outside, you don't necessarily know what's behind the name ROTHENBERGER.

Thank you very much for the interview!

Bauforum24 - With Big Trucks Through the Mud

Those who use and love construction machinery and tools have subscribed to their channel: Bauforum24. André Brockschmidt is the man who swings into the cab of trucks and gets behind the wheel to race the huge machines through rough terrain to test them in all kinds of situations. But he's also the one who hosts the popular talk shows, test programs and live events on all things related to machines, construction sites and tools. We took the opportunity at Influencer Day to ask this jack-of-all-trades a few questions.

How did your channel Bauforum24 come about?

Well, Bauforum24 already existed when YouTube didn't yet exist. And also the term 'social media' did not yet exist. That was in 2004. I started producing videos in 2005, and I hosted these videos on YouTube around 2008. In 2015, we started to make videos in which I am in front of the camera, which we had not done before. We then created new formats especially for YouTube, regularly brought videos every week, have also expanded the area of tools very well.

So what's behind Bauforum24?

We are a company with employees and everything that comes with it. There is a real business behind it, which means that it has developed over time. We started with a very successful construction machinery calendar. We are still identified with construction machinery. But we don't just run this channel, we also offer productions for associations, for companies that want to do more in the direction of social media.

What topics are particularly well received by your fans?

We did a lot on construction equipment, which went over crazy well, and then we kept getting asked; why don't you do something with tool testing? So that' s how it started, with the tool section. But we still make videos with construction machinery. I drive trucks through the mud, I test SUVs and so on. And now many trade fairs have been cancelled because of Covid-19. That's why we're doing a live show every month that lasts four hours, and people are staying tuned. That's really cool.

André, how did you like the CAS Influencer Day today? 

The topic of ROTHENBERGER in particular has not been a primary focus of mine so far, although our viewers come from all industries and we have already done things with ROTHENBERGER tools. I must say that I am very impressed. Seeing the tools in action in this way is something I wouldn't have imagined. 


Thank you very much for the interview!


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