Battery pipe cleaning machine RODRUM VarioClean

The first 18V drum machine

ROTHENBERGER combines innovative technology with the highest quality. Therefore, we have equipped our powerful drum machine RODRUM VarioClean with a compact 18V battery. Professional users can thus start working immediately, independent of an external power source - this saves time and allows 100% flexibility.

The RODRUM VarioClean reliably removes blockages over a distance of up to 15 meters in pipes with diameters of 40-100 mm. Due to the clean and discreet mode of operation, it is ideally suited for SHK companies, janitorial services or pipe cleaners, or for use in private households, restaurants and hotels or public buildings, as the soiled spiral retracts into the drum on return. The 8Ah-18V battery drive reduces the weight of the pipe cleaning machine by 10%, compared to a corded version and allows the RODRUM VarioClean to be used for up to 50 minutes.

Powerful and clean

When pipes are clogged, they need to be cleaned and flushed. ROTHENBERGER supports professional end users with the battery-powered pipe cleaning machine RODRUM VarioClean to remove blockages within the household up to the house connection to the public sewer system.

A selection of accessories ensures that blockages caused by hygiene articles or impurities can be removed as well as blockages caused by root ingrowth or damage.

The drum machine is equipped with an automatic forward and backward rotation as well as a motor control with 3 different speed levels. The lowest speed is used for unclogging, the middle speed for cleaning and the highest speed for flushing pipes.

Effortless pipe cleaning (360 degree product view)

The 3D animation is activated by clicking on the image and simultaneously moving the cursor.

These features make the RODRUM VarioClean a must-have for pipe cleaning:

  • CAS-battery system: For wireless working and increased electrical safety
  • VarioClean Electronic: Three speed levels for unblocking, cleaning and clean spinning. Optimal adaptation possibilities to the type of blockage
  • VarioClean Electronic: Prevents the drum from running on for a long time
  • DuraFlex spirals: Especially flexible spirals with galvanisation. Optimized for the usage with the battery-powered R600 VarioClean
  • Interchangeable drum for tool-less adjustment to different pipe diameters
  • Removable drum for easy transportation
  • Clean and discrete operation when compared to a portable drain cleaning machine

Ready for use anywhere thanks to the powerful CAS battery

ROTHENBERGER is a founding member and part of the cross-manufacturer Cordless Alliance System (CAS). A single CAS system battery fits over 300 machines from more than 30 different manufacturers. Thanks to CAS, all the necessary work steps can be completed with just a single battery. This enables a high degree of flexibility, saves time and money, and also protects the environment.

The basis of the system is a powerful LiHD battery technology of the 18V class. All battery packs and chargers can be operated with the cordless tools and machines of all alliance partners. ROTHENBERGER already offers a wide range of CAS battery-powered tools for the SHK sector - from sanitary installation and refrigeration/air conditioning technology to the service sector. Nevertheless, we are constantly expanding our battery range.




Optimum adjustment options for deblocking - cleaning - clean spinning

DuraFlex spiral: lighter, better archwalking - long service life due to galvanisation

10% lighter than the cable powered machine


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