Battery-powered pipe cleaning machine R600 VarioClean

Full flexibility for pipe cleaning

With our new battery-powered R600 VarioClean pipe cleaning machine, blockages can be removed effortlessly over a length of up to 60 meters. Battery operation enables independent use from external power sources on the construction site. The powerful CAS battery fits more than 300 machines from over 30 different manufacturers, ensuring maximum flexibility.

The compact design of the R600 VarioClean minimizes the weight of the machine, and the center-lock system makes it very easy to switch between a 16-cm and an 22-cm spiral. The designation VarioClean is based on the installed electronics. The three different motor speed levels for unclogging, cleaning and flushing enable optimal adaptation to the type of clogging.


Tested by professionals: the R600 VarioClean battery-powered pipe cleaning machine

Pipe cleaning professional Gregor Dihn put the R600 VarioClean through its paces. The result of the test is impressive.

In use, the new pipe cleaning machine scores with its low weight and cordless freedom thanks to CAS battery operation. The battery power easily withstands daily operation. The powerful LiHD batteries of the 18-volt class enable the machine to run for up to 50 minutes.

The professional cites the freedom he gains from the manufacturer-independent CAS system as the biggest advantage. Different machines from different manufacturers can be operated with the same battery type. This makes work even more flexible and, according to Gregor Dihn, is 'indispensable for daily pipe cleaning operations'.


Effortless pipe cleaning (360 degree product view)

The 3D animation is activated by clicking on the image and moving the cursor at the same time.

R600 VarioClean - The must-have for unclogging pipes:

  •  CAS battery drive for cordless operation and increased electrical safety.
  • VarioClean electronics: Three speed levels for unclogging, cleaning and clean spinning. Optimal adaptation to the type of blockage
  • Universally applicable indoors and outdoors
  • Compact design and low weight

Optimum adjustment options for unclogging, cleaning and flushing

Plug-free 18V power with the CAS-battery system

DuraFlex spiral: lighter, better archwalking - long service life due to galvanisation


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