Test pump RP 50 Digital

Perfectly simple: check manually, document digitally!

When building new pipelines and after repairs to existing systems, leak testing is essential. Because only leak-proof pipelines are safe pipelines. And that is important in case damage does occur. Better safe than sorry.

Until now, there were basically two options: uncomplicated testing, but time-consuming documentation by hand, or testing with highly sensitive and cost-intensive digital pressure testing equipment and creating a digital test report.

Now, for the first time, there is the perfect combination of both for testing water-bearing pipes!

With the RP 50 Digital, HVAC professionals have the advantages of the simple handling and robustness of a normal test pump plus the advantages of digital documentation at their fingertips. Simply convenient.

Robust, simple and with additional digital features for safe testing

Just like its predecessor, the new RP 50 Digital test pump consists of a DURAMANT-coated steel tank and a test hose with ½" connection reinforced with steel mesh. This makes the test pump particularly robust and durable. It is also just as easy to transport with the help of the lever.

The proven TwinValve system also ensures accurate measurement with the RP 50 Digital and enables self-testing. But unlike the RP 50-S test pump, the pressure gauge of the RP 50 Digital is supplemented by a digital pressure sensor. This enables an even more precise measurement up to 30 bar.

The pressure curve can be monitored on mobile devices via Bluetooth. After the measurement, the app generates a protocol for reliable proof that the test was carried out correctly: fast, safe, convenient.

These features distinguish the RP 50 Digital:

  • Integrated digital pressure sensor for precise testing and pressure adjustment up to 30 bar

  • Complete documentation and visualisation of the pressure testing process via app

  • Simple and tamper-proof creation of a pressure test protocol

  • Torsion-resistant and lockable lever with ergonomic handle also serves as carrying handle

  • TWIN VALVE system with two valves for double safety when testing the system

  • Robust DURAMANT coating with 5-year guarantee against corrosion

  • Optional additional pressure gauge with fine scaling 0.2 bar for high-precision measurements for the range up to 16 bar

Digital pressure sensor enables precise adjustment of the test pressure

Wireless readout of test data via Bluetooth®