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  1. Safe soldering in any position

    Safe soldering in any position

    Working even upside down with MAPP gas

    MAPP gas is suitable for soldering and brazing. 100% propylene in a high-pressure cylinder ensures a stable flame pattern in any position. This allows users to work safely even upside down.

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  2. A quick twist is enough

    A quick twist is enough

    The ROLOCK Expander Power Torque saves you time

    The ROLOCK Expander Power Torque expander is one of ROTHENBERGER's best-known tools. It enables users to expand and calibrate soft and semi-hard pipes and to produce reductions.

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  3. Testing for voltage

    Testing for voltage

    E-Detector, voltage testing device for electric pliers

    The non-contact voltage tester E-Detector determines AC voltages from 90 to 1,000 V on electrical cables. If voltage is detected, a red LED lights up.

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  4. Health comes first

    Health comes first

    ROTHENBERGER cancels trade fair participation

    The ROTHENBERGER Group values the International Hardware Fair as an important meeting place. We had therefore planned our presence at the fair as a cross-brand presence of the ROTHENBERGER, RUKO, SIEVERT, SUPER-EGO and VIRAX brands as well as ROTHENBERGER Industrial.

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