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  1. Sprayer produces tiny droplets

    Sprayer produces tiny droplets

    ROSANI CLEAN 15 ensures uniform wetting of surfaces

    The ROSANI CLEAN 15 sprayer is suitable for cleaning heat exchangers, i.e. outdoor units of air conditioning systems, cleaning and disinfection of indoor units of air conditioning systems as well as cleaning and disinfection of large surfaces.

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  2. New battery sprayer for disinfection of surfaces and air conditioning systems

    New battery sprayer for disinfection of surfaces and air conditioning systems

    ROSANI CLEAN 15 with long range and precise adjustment

    Viruses and bacteria can spread by touching contaminated surfaces as well as through the air. Cleaning and disinfection therefore play an important role in infection control. ROTHENBERGER, pipe and machine tool manufacturer, offers the new ROSANI CLEAN 15 spraying device. Its spraying pressure can be variably adjusted so that surfaces, as well as air conditioning systems, can be effciently and effectively cleaned and disinfected. The spraying device has straps to easily carry on your back, and is operated with batteries part of the Cordless Alliance System (CAS).

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  3. An apprentice bakes ROCAKE

    An apprentice bakes ROCAKE

    Jakob Nieweg, third year apprentice industrial clerk, thoroughly enjoys baking in his spare time. At the end of his training period, Jakob took inspiration from the ROTHENBERGER ROCASE and used his baking skills to produce an awesome ROCAKE, acting on a colleagues’ suggestion that he might try baking a ROTHENBERGER product.

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  4. A small feature makes all the difference

    A small feature makes all the difference

    How a small plate component can facilitate the use of an R 600 pipe cleaning machine

    Plumbers, pipe cleaners and facility managers use the R600 electric pipe cleaning machine to reliably remove stubborn blockages in sewage pipes. With its powerful motor, it is used particularly often in hospitals and municipal facilities. It can be used both inside buildings and outdoors.

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