Cordless combination pipe saw PIPECUT mini

Cutting of a new kind: precise, versatile, independent

The PIPECUT mini is a true multi-talent. It can be used as a hand-held circular saw, plunge-cut saw or cross-cut saw, effortlessly cutting copper, steel, stainless steel, plastic, multi-layer composite pipes as well as profiles, mounting rails and threaded rods.

Whether stationary in the workshop or in mobile use on the construction site: the combination pipe saw is quickly set up anywhere and ready for work. In addition, it is not only compact, flexible and easy to handle, it is also particularly powerful. The maintenance-free, brushless motor ensures high working efficiency with a long battery life. Furthermore, due to the low thermal load of the motor, the PIPECUT mini has a long service life.

Durable and multifunctional

The PIPECUT mini can cut almost any material used in the HVAC sector: from pipes to mounting rails to decorative panels. Even wood applications are no challenge. No matter in which application and with which material the handy cordless combination pipe saw is used: The cuts are always precise at the right angle.

Even cable duct profiles and mounting rails are no problem. For particularly small pipes, for example threaded rods, the PIPECUT mini has a special notch at the front: insert, clamp, cut, done!

Pipe cutting made easy (360 degree product view)

The 3D animation is activated by clicking on the image and moving the cursor at the same time.

These features make the PIPECUT mini a practical all-rounder for HVAC professionals:

  • The powerful 18V battery allows up to 140 cuts with just one battery charge (18V/4.0Ah, C-steel Ø42mm)
  • Thanks to the three new, high-quality saw blades, a wide variety of materials, such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel, plastic & wood can be processed with high precision
  • Thanks to modular concept, the PIPECUT mini can be equipped with two different rail systems. One for machining tubes and threaded rods, the other for machining plates. Accordingly, the PIPECUT mini can be used as a hand circular saw, plunge cut saw, cross-cut saw or pipe saw
  • A high quality and fire resistant bag for suction of chips ensures a clean and safe working environment
  • Extra roller support surface with ball bearing allows turning and cutting of tubes from Ø42 to 110 mm. Pipes, that are smaller than Ø42mm just have to be clamped by the rail, cutting it with one stroke
  • Fast, easy and low-burr cutting of pipes, threaded rods, mounting rails, cable ducts as well as different plates thanks to the modular rail system

PIPECUT mini as hand circular saw

PIPECUT mini as pipe saw

PIPECUT mini as cross cut saw

Copper, plastic, carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel can be cut up to a pipe diameter of 110 mm

Turn the PIPECUT mini into a hand saw, plunge cut saw or crosscut saw

Optional cross cut rail enables cutting of wood and steel plates

PIPECUT mini - Tested by professionals


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