Electronic Invoices

With the introduction of the electronic invoice ROTHENBERGER is supporting the European flagship initiative which should make the e-invoice the primary invoicing method by 2020. In this way we guarantee to provide yourself and the environment with significant benefits:

  • Cost reduction through dispensing with the need for postal costs and paper
  •  Faster delivery and more transparency during delivery
  • Very significant time savings while processing invoices
  • Simplification Act from 2011
  • Lower susceptibility to errors occurring through automation
  • Massive savings on material and energy
  • High environmental compatibility
  • Making of an active contribution to environmental protection

More information about the European flagship initiative e-invoice 2020 and the resulting projects supported by the Federal Government can be obtained here:

(Download PDF)

We are offering you two ways to send your electronic invoice to ROTHENBERGER. You can decide which is the optimal method for you. You will find information in the following description which should simplify the decision-taking for you:



Using the INEX email basic process you can send your invoices to us electronically without having to make any further technical preparations. It is not necessary to make a separate announcement.

Please note: the procedure can only be used if you can generate pdf files with your computer or your software. Scanned/digitalised paper invoices cannot unfortunately be further processed


This is how it works:

  • You send the files previously generated by your invoicing and pdf making programme by email to rechnung@rothenberger.com
  • Please add "Invoice ROTHENBERGER“ in the subject line of your email if at all possible. 
  • All contents which are relevant to the invoice must be contained in the invoice. The email will be deleted after extraction of the invoice.
  • Please note that attachments to the invoices will not be processed.


Your advantages:

  • It is possible to start immediately
  • Setting up and installation are not necessary
  • It can be used on virtually any computer and it does not need to operate under the Windows operating system



INEX eDoc Connect allows you to print your electronic invoice document as pdf files and to send it automatically to ROTHENBERGER. You do not have to create a separate email anymore to send an invoice! The procedure also uses encryption to send data. Already existing pdf files can be sent – import of pdf files is provided for. You can check sending of all invoices using ans integral journal. Please note that attachments to the invoices will not be process

Download the software:

  • Installation of the software
  • Entry of the user name and password
  • Select the printer "INEX“ instead of a paper printer

Your advantages:

  • Licence and cost-free
  • Uncomplicated installation
  • Use of one's own system to generate pdfs
  • Automatic dispatch of the invoice
  • A high level of security due use of encryption
  • Verifiable dispatch through use of the journal function
  • Access at any time to already sent documents
  • Can be functionally upgraded at any time using the integral remote update system

The following applies for all operating systems:

  • It is necessary for the latest service pack has been installed.
  • The latest patches and safety updates should be installed.
  • Virus scanner and Internet security software or a personal firewall must allow communication over Port 80 http, Port 443 https. Create an appropriate rule, if necessary, in these programmes.


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  • "PDF" and "Adobe" are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited.


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