The RODIADUST extraction rotor can be used by HVAC installers and electricians during the production of hand-operated and stationary core drillings. The adaptor should be placed between drill motor and drill bit. G 1/2" motor fixture and 1.1/4" UNC fixture for standard diamond drill bits. The combination with a dry vacuum cleaner allows for easy and dust-free production of core drillings.

Choosen variant:Suction rotor RODIADUST, M30x2
Article number:FF40057
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  • Adaptors for drill bits 1.1/4" UNC for dust-free dry drilling in combination with dry vacuum cleaner and drill system. Reduces jamming of the drill bit and increases the drilling progress Different vacuum ports connectable via adaptor

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        Suction rotor RODIADUST, M30x2


        Suction rotor RODIADUST, 1.1/4" UNC with G1"2" motor mount


        Vacuum rotor RODIADUST, 1.1/4" UNC