Using the ROBEND 4000 E installers in the plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning sector can bend copper, stainless steel and carbon-steel as well as multi-layer composite pipes up to 180°

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Article number:1000003391
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  • Tool-free pre-adjustment of bending angle
  • Automatic switch-off when reaching the preset bending angle - ideal for fast batch production of bends
  • Deformation- and ripple-free bending by using the patented ROLUB technology for better gliding of the bending shoe
  • No search for a power outlet on the jobsite necessary
  • CAS battery for up to 60 bends of 28 mm copper pipe    

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ROBEND 4000 E base machine


ROBEND 4000 E Set, 15-18-22-28mm, EU


ROBEND 4000 E Set, 12-14-16-18-22-28, EU


ROBEND 4000 E Set, 1/2-5/8-3/4-7/8-11/8, EU


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