• Curvado

    Los técnicos de refrigeración y aire acondicionado, los instaladores de HVAC y los redsponsables de compra del sector de calefacción pueden usar el curvado para crear una instalación que requiera pocas juntas. Menos juntas significan menos fugas potenciales. El curvado de tuberías tampoco requiere accesorios y por lo tanto, es más económico.

  • Expandido / Extracción / Abocinado

    Expanding, extracting and flaring are in ROTHENBERGER's DNA: The ROCAM Expander founded the R-System in 1967, a system for the fitting-free connection of pipes that revolutionized the working world of installers.
  • Prensado

    Pressing ensures secure and sound connection of metal pipes such as copper, stainless steel and carbon steel, as well as plastic and multi-layer composite pipes. Pressing technology is an easy-to-use, cost-effective and time-saving method, especially for larger installs. ROTHENBERGER offers battery-operated or cable-operated press machines for various pipe diamaters. We also offer a wide range of press jaws to fit most profiles of fittings on the market.
  • Perforación de suelos y paredes

    Core drilling is ideal for creating neat holes and channels for pipelines. Our core drills can penetrate even the toughest materials such as masonry, granite and reinforced concrete. Ideal for internal an external use. Our equipment is designed to make the coring process simple, versatile and extremely effective.
  • Roscado

    ROTHENBERGER offers a wide range of pipe threading equipment. From hand operated, portable electric threaders to floorstanding machines. We offer most major thread types, including BSPT, NPT, BSW etc. A range of high performance threading oils and fluids are also available.
  • Ranurado

    Roll grooving is often used in the specialist installation such as, sprinkler systems, large heating systems and drainage pipe systems etc. Pipes which are connected by the specific pipe couplings used in conjunction with ROGROOVER's, can withstand high pressures due to their flexible connections with clamps. The easy and quick installation and removal of these couplings is another great adevantage, reducing labour costs and installation time.
  • Soldadura

    ROTHENBERGER offers a wide range of soldering, brazing and welding equipment to suit installer needs.
  • Soldadura de tubos de plástico

    Plastic pipe welding plays an important role for pipeline installers. ROTHENBERGER offers a range of equipment, in the form of butt welding, electrofusion welding, socket welding and hot gas welding. The technology is suitable for many types of plastic pipe including PE, PP, PVDF, plus many more.
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