Set for performing the test according to DIN EN 1610 and 1986 in combination with the GW Digital (from version 2.1).

Test bladders and accessories for leak testing of ground and waste water pipes with the test medium air according to DIN EN 1510 and DIN 1986, part 30.

Suitable for nominal diameters from 65 - 250 mm

Vybraná varianta:Testovací bublina NW 65-100 f. Dům k setu
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  • Handy set: One test and shut-off bladder for the most common pipe diameters (in the set 75 - 150 mm diameter, further bladders in the accessories)
  • Easy positioning of the bladders even in hard-to-reach places
  • Base body made of aluminum facilitates pushing the test bladders through the pipes
  • Robust bladders made of natural rubber are resistant to temperature, use and waste water
  • Proplachovací kompresor NS 65-100

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      Testovací bublina NW 65-100 f. Dům k setu


      Proplachovací kompresor NS 65-100

      Testovací sada pro připojení domu (6.1340 + 6.1380)


      Spirála pro čištění odpadů set with pump

      Uzavírací bublina NW 75-150 f.hausanschl.set


      Spirála pro čištění odpadů NW 75 150 for house connection testing set

      Uzavírací bublina NW 90-250 f. Dům k setu


      Spirála pro čištění odpadů NW 90 250 for house connection testing set