Spirála pro čištění odpadů the robust DURAMANT coating the RP 50 test pump offers you a durable solution for pressure tests up to 60 bar p p In addition to water oil and glycol can also be used for testing p

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  • A drag indicator displays the pressure so that a pressure drop in the system can be easily determined Reliable and precise measurement results: the dual valve system (twin valve) allows self-testing of the pump, as well as a precise fine adjustment of the pressure Especially accurate measurement if necessary: finely scaled (scaling 0.1 bar) pressure gauge optionally available Testing hose with steel mesh prevents measuring errors caused by expansion of the hose during operation Type 50-S: Weather and cold-resistant steel container with DURAMANT coating Type 50-S stainless steel: high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel container

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    RP 50-S s kleštěmi


    Zkušební pumpa RP 50S Inox


    RP 50S nerez, zkušební pumpa , manuální

    Zkušební pumpa RP 50-S


    RP50S, zkušební pumpa, manuální

    RP50 zkušební pumpa