The Press Navigator App finds compatible  press tools and fitting systems

The ROTHENBERGER app offers orientation for installers and dealers alike

The Press Navigator App from ROTHENBERGER enables installers and dealers to check the compatibility of press tools and fitting systems. Users can either determine the right press tool for the fitting system or the right fitting system for the press tool. The ROTHENBERGER Press Navigator provides orientation in an environment populated by many manufacturers and fitting systems and helps users on the construction site to press safely.

"The Press Navigator App was created because we were often asked by dealers and customers whether this fitting could be pressed with this jaw. The Press Navigator App offers the security that fitting and tool are compatible. This means that installers know that a pipe system is also tight after grouting if they have used the right tool," explains Patrick Schmitt, Product Manager for Pressing Technology at ROTHENBERGER Werkzeuge.

The app works simply. There are two search options: search by fitting system or  search by press tool. This includes pressing jaws, pressing loops or interchangeable inserts. In the search by fitting system, users specify the manufacturer, the system and the diameter and as a result receive the press tools with which the respective fitting system can be pressed. In the search by press tool, the app displays which fitting systems can be pressed with the specified press tool. The Press Navigator App contains both standard and compact press tools.

The Press Navigator App currently offers information on around 180 fitting systems and around 330 press tools. ROTHENBERGER has only included fitting systems that have been tested in the company with press tools. The app is updated regularly so that users have access to the latest information about updates at all times. The app is available for Android and iOS.