High pressure drain cleaning for clearing blockages from drains up to 8"

Fast: Flow rate of 23 lpm will clear the most stubborn drain blockage with ease

Powerful: Genuine 27 HP Honda engine and 5,000 PSI pump

Professional: Designed and built to be truck/ute/trailer mounted for professional use

The ROBLAST jetter complete kit is a ready to use package, it’s all you need to attack that first blockage. The kit includes: the ROTHENBERGER Nozzle Box which has 4 nozzles (the Root Ranger nozzle, Predator Invader Nozzle, Negotiator Thruster Nozzle and Compressor Thruster Nozzle), safety plate, CIP sign, hose restraint, 15 m whip hose and 60 m mini reel.

The future of drain cleaning

High pressure water jetters are increasing in popularity due to their ease of use and versatility. Jetting has many advantages over the traditional electric eel way of drain clearing:

  • Jetting is a quicker and more efficient way of clearing drains, sometimes up to a quarter quicker than what it might take when using an electric eel
  • Jetting is the more thorough way of drain clearing - not only will the forward facing water jet cut through any debris in the drain, the rear facing jets will clear the drain and give it a full washdown of any dirt, mud, sludge that is left
  • With the mini reel attached to the main reel, 120 m of reel can be put down the pipe which gives you 40 more metres to work with compared to the ROTHENBERGER R750 electric eel

Included Accessories

ROBLAST Nozzle Box

Includes: Root Ranger Nozzle (RB5101), Predator Invader Nozzle (RB5102), Negotiator Thruster Nozzle (RB5103), Compressor Thruster Nozzle w/adaptor (RB5104/RB5105), spare quick release (RB5100), nozzle tip cleaner (RB5107), nozzle spanner (RB5106) in a ROCASE

Mini Reel

Remote mini reel with 60 m 1/4" Redflex hose

Safe Jetting Sign
Hose Restraint