Service & maintenance

  • Testing

    Tightness tests with low or high pressures are used to determine if a pipe is leak free and sound. With ROTHENBERGER devices, installers can test pipes using air or water pressure. We offer a range of devices from hand-pumped to electrical pressure testing apparatus.  The test pressures can be recorded digitally or via a pressure test gauge, in accordance perform verification in accordance with DIN EN 806-4, TRGI 2008 or DVGW G5952.

  • Leak detection

    In leak detection, installers not only detect the leak but also the leakage rate. If a leak is found it is important to deal with this quickly and correctly.

  • Flushing & pipe clearing

    ROTHENBERGER offers a variety of pipe clearing technology both manually and electrically operated. Depending on the application, from household blockages to public sewer lines, a selection of accessories and equipment ensures that blockages caused by fat plugs, textiles and root ingrowth are efficienlty cleared.

  • Freezing

    Pipe freezing is ideal when replacing radiators, removing obsolete pipes or installing additional branches and valves. By freezing and creating an ice plug within a pipe, it prevents an entire system from having to be emptied - saving installers valuable time. Freezing can be achieved on steel pipe up to 2'' and copper up to 54 mm using ROTHENBERGER equipment.

  • Inspection & locating

    Pipe inspection systems, consisting of inspection camera, locating device and thermal imaging module, can be used to inspect and locate pipes. Inspections may be necessary due to blockages, clogging or damage that prevent water from draining or escaping from the sewage pipe. Usually, inspections are carried out before and after pipe cleaning.

Service and maintenance of pipe systems is crucial to ensure pipes are functional and safe, espcecially when dealing with drinking water supplies for example. Without such measures, it may lead to potential contamination having detrimental effects.

ROTHENBEGRER offers service and maintenance engineers industry-leading equipment for leak testing and detection, high quality cameras for pipe inspection, pipe cleaning and flushing euipment, plus much more.

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