General-purpose tools

  • Hand tools

    ROTHENBERGER offers a wide range of hand  and general purpose tools, aiding the every-day work of installers. Manufactured by ROTHENBERGER, our extensive tool range is the preferred choice by many, worldwide. We support installers with high-quality, reliable and durable tools.

  • Cutting

    Whether cutting copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, or plastic pipes  (PVC, PP, PEX, MLC, etc) - ROTHENBERGER has a varied portfolio of professional shears and pipe cutters to meet all requirements.

  • Storage systems

    The ROTHENBERGER ROCASE click'n'carry  system offers four different case sizes that can be stacked and firmly connected with a simple click lock. This allows installers to carry several devices in a handy way or to transport them with a shoulder strap. The ABS plastic makes the cases ideal for use on the construction site.

  • Tool sets

    ROTHENBERGER offers tool and tote bags  that can be purchased ready equipped or individually filled, as well as tool sets that we have put together for you.

  • Power Tools

    There are a few electric tools that every craftsman needs - not every day, but often enough. These are the Power Tools from ROTHENBERGER. Drill driver, impact wrench, combination hammer, angle grinder and lamp are battery-powered and use the same battery as the ROMAX 4000 and ROMAX Compact TT pressing machines and the ROCAM 4 Plus pipe inspection camera. All PowerTools come in the ROCASE, the clickable transport system.

ROTHENBERGER offers a wide range of general-purpose tools - from standard  water pump pliers and pipe cutters, to industrial size 60" pipe wrenches.  With a portfolio of over 6,000 high-quality products, we can support and simplify the work of professional installers, so the best results can be achieved in the quickest time frame.

A range of pipe cutting tools are available for both plastic and metal / copper pipes including, pipeslices, plasticuts, pipe shears, saws and more… All with the objective of making the installers work professional and efficient.

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