#SanitizeToConnect Campaign

Our fight against Coronavirus is not yet over.

Staying safe and healthy becomes the top priority of all individuals.

Our #SanitizeToConnect campaign is here to support you in all the challenges this pandemic has brought. This campaign promotes ROTHENBERGER products specifically for flushing water lines, cleaning AC, and disinfecting surfaces.




We are here for you.

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Flush now!
ROPULS eDM flushing compressor

If buildings were unused for a longer period of time, the drinking water pipes should be flushed according to the legal requirements. This is the only way to ensure that the drinking water can be used safely - whether for cooking, drinking or showering.  
The proven ROPULS flushing compressor cleans drinking water pipes reliably with an air-water mixture or additional disinfectant. The free ROPULS eDM app can be used to easily and professionally create a flushing protocol, so that company owners have proof of their clean pipe system.

Disinfect now! 
ROSANI Clean 15 spraying device for surface disinfection.

Viruses and bacteria are also viable outside of the human body, so surface disinfection plays a major role. Surfaces can be easily disinfected with the new ROSANI Clean 15 spraying device. Its powerful battery ensures a wide working area. 
In addition, the device is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning systems, as the nozzle can be adjusted precisely.

Scour now!
Sanifresh AC & R unit cleaning spray 

Air-conditioning systems become dirty over time and provide a breeding ground for microorganisms. To reduce the risk of bacteria, spore, and allergen spread with the air, it is advisable to clean the slats and the indoor units of air conditioning systems regularly – especially if the units have not been used for some time.

The Sanifresh deodorizing cleaning spray removes dust, mites, bacteria, and fungal spores simply and easily – with pinpoint accuracy thanks to the spray tube that is attached to the spray head. For the disinfection of air conditioning systems, we offer the ROSANI Clean 15 spraying device for surface disinfection.