Pipe freezing kit FREEZE-PAK

Pipe freezing is a great solution when working with pipe systems to avoid down time and costly drain downs when carrying out tasks like dead leg removal and pipe and valve installation and replacement. An ice plug is created withing the pipe which isolates the section you are working on until you have completed your job. The Rothenberger Freeze Pack has stood the test of time for it's freezing ability and value for money. It comes with two freezing jackets which fit 8mm to 28mm pipe and one can of 500g Quick Freeze spray (No.64001).*Rothenberger Freeze Pack comes with a full set of instructions. Please read carefully before use.

Product profile

  • Quick and easy to use tried and tested design.
  • Eliminates the need for draining down of systems.
  • For freezing 8mm to 28mm diameter pipe.
  • CFC free, Quick Freeze spray *replacable
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